Our History

In April of 1982 Jerald Staten, his young wife Linda Staten and their four children moved to Lexington Park from Sedona, Arizona. Pastor Staten had been stationed at Patuxent River Navy Base during his service as a part of the United States Navy. He felt the call of God upon his life to come back to the small town of Lexington Park and begin a work. Upon arriving, it was confirmed that there was no established church preaching the essential truths of the Word of God.

The first residence shared by the young family proved to be the beginning of the Living Hope Church family. The small living room was used as a multi-purpose room, where hungry souls were fed the word of God, worshipped together, and joined in a strong bond of unity. The garage served as a Sunday School classroom where children from the community began to come and learn about Jesus.

After months of continued growth the congregation was in need of a larger place of worship and, in the spring of 1984, the purchase of an old C&P telephone building on Midway Drive was made. The early days of the church bring memories of badly damaged tile floors, and chairs of every fabric, color, shape and size. From a first glance this young body didn't have much to offer, but the beauty of the Pentecostal Church had far more to offer than glamour or stained glass windows!

In the next 20 years that would follow, the "Big White Building on Midway Drive" has served as a residence of Hope and Reformation. Countless testimonies of addicts, lives without hope, marriages already in divorce court changed by the power of the Almighty God!

In 2006, after obeying the call of God, Bishop Staten transitioned to Washington, D.C. and in January of 2007, Jason Staten and his wife Valerie Staten assumed the role as Pastor of Living Hope First United Pentecostal Church of St. Mary's County. Pastor Jerald and Linda Staten now reside as the Bishop over the local church, as well as the congregations that they currently pastor in Washington, D.C. Living Hope has grown from its humble beginnings, to a church that touches hundreds of lives every year.

In March of 2018, we saw the fulfillment of many years of prayer when we took up residence in our new Living Hope campus at 21650 Chancellors Run Road. We are excited about the future of Living Hope and are thrilled to have you join us on this incredible journey.