Faith Race 2019

Dear Parents,

It's time for Vacation Bible School! We are excited about The Faith Race, where children will discover God gives them the power to run and win the race called life. As they have fun with a Pushcart Derby and building and racing cars, they will learn about five heroes of faith from the Faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11. Noah followed God's plan, Moses walked away, Rahab joined the winning team, Gideon overcame his fears, and David stayed in the race. Each day the children will learn how to use their faith and win the race just as these heroes did. More importantly, they will learn that God is the real hero because it is His power - the Holy Ghost - that fuels us to win the race!

The fun begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 8:00 PM, August 12th, 13th, and 14th. Register your kids now at the display in the foyer or bring in a completed form from this link. Call this number for additional information: 301-862-9805

Thank you!

Your Faith Race Director

Leasa Mace