Sudden Rush Youth Ministries, Ages 11-18

Our purpose is to develop Godly young people that are actively involved in ministry and strongly grounded in their faith through small groups, youth services, weekly teaching and special events in a contemporary setting.  These activities will foster strong relationships, exciting worship, biblical training and opportunities for their talents and abilities to be discovered, developed and applied.

Small Groups

The purpose of the Small Groups is to provide an environment where healthy relationships are fostered between the students and spiritual and socially relevant issues can be discussed under the guidance of spiritual volunteers.

Youth Service

The purpose of Youth Services is to provide high-energy, weekly worship opportunities. Youth Services will provide a place where young people can worship freely, participate in leading services, and develop their individual talent while growing spiritually.

Youth Special Events

The purpose of the Youth Special Events is to plan exciting monthly events.  They are to coordinate and communicate all local and district special events.

Student Education

The purpose of  Student Education is to provide a classroom setting for students to learn biblical doctrine and principles ask questions and receive personal encouragement.  Student Education takes place every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. in the Youth Room.

Senior Bible Quizzing Team

The purpose of the Senior Bible Quizzing Team is to provide an opportunity for the youth to memorize the Word of God and to prepare them to succeed in Bible quizzing tournaments; to develop skills of memorization and application of the assigned verses.

For more information contact our Youth Directors, Josh & Jessica Johnson